Yellow Turtle Inn
Intimate Garden Weddings and Receptions

111 Springdale Avenue
New Windsor, Maryland

 410 635 3000

Come follow me through a lovely day planned just for you.
I will help you plan your intimate wedding day just the way you envision it.

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Follow me and I will lead you through your lovely Wedding  day
     Like the Petals of a Rose

      As the morning sun rises, the you look out your window to see the Garden with the Gazebo decorated for your ceremony. A special day is beginning to unfold like the petals of a rose.   The memory of your rehearsal dinner in the charming Tea Room and feelings of closeness to your friends and family continues to warm your heart. Memories of meetings with the gracious Innkeeper who has taken care of so many details drift through your mind. 

All your friends are bubbling with excitement as they  prepare for the day. The photographer captures each precious moment. 

How excited yet certain you feel as you listens to the music announcing your arrival. It is your moment.  

You feel so loving as you are coming down the vintage stairs. The air fills with anticipation as the guests watch with smiles of love. 

And there your love stands, nervously smiling at you. 
Hand in hand the two of you turn, speaking intimate, sacred words. 

The festivities commence. Toasts, dinner in the magical twinkling lit 
glassed in Garden Room. People laughing, music playing. 
Very special guests lingering after the reception to recall the enchanting feelings of the day. 

You  feel your betrothed inviting you up to your suite and to discover fragrant roses waiting by the whirlpool. 
It has been a perfect, joy filled day.                        
 And now you understand  that            
 Love, like joy, smiles from the inside out.
For those who just can't wait, Last minute weddings for this month
For those who just can't wait, Last minute weddings for this month
For those who just can't wait, Last minute weddings for this month
If you book within two weeks of our first meeting,
you will receive a complimentary whirlpool suite for your "first night".
This applies for weddings and ceremony packages of 20 or more people only and may not be used with any other special
This does not apply to Ceremony Only packages or Only Us packages